Here are answers to some of our most common questions.

Frequently asked questions

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How accurate are the translations?

Our translations go through a very accurate manual process to ensure the highest possible quality and accuracy. All translations are verified culturally, contextually and medically. Our translators are bilingual with experience in healthcare. This means they have an understanding of the medical terminology, but also how things are expressed so a layperson can understand.

Please feel free to contact us for more information about our translation process.

What if the phrases we need don’t exist?

We are constantly developing Care to Translate and adding more and more phrases and areas. Before you buy Care to Translate, we’ll do a review together to make sure the translator meets your needs. This can result in additional phrases or languages. Do you have questions about the range of phrases and languages? Feel free to contact us.

Do you have concrete suggestions for phrases you think should be included in the app? Please fill out the contact form below with your suggestions.

I want to help translate content, how can I do that?

We’re glad you’re interested in working with us! We are continously looking for translators with medical experience who can help us translate content into existing and new languages. Apply to become a translator through our career page.

How do you secure quality of translations?

All our translations go through a very comprehensive manual process. We aim to have spotless translations, however, as with everything, there is always a slight risk of human error.

We have regular reviews with quality checks of both text and sound translations. If you experience any phrase with inaccuracies, please let us know and we will take action to correct it. You can also submit your feedback directly in the app.


Which languages are available in Care to Translate?

Care to Translate is currently available in 40+ languages. But we are continuously adding new languages. Please let us know if there are any languages you’d like us to see in the app.

Which countries is Care to Translate available in?

 You can download Care to Translate from anywhere in the world. The use of languages in the app does not depend on where you are located. You can translate to and from all languages in the app, regardless of location.

What is Care to Translate?

Care to Translate" is a digital medical translation app that healthcare professionals and patients can use to communicate with each other. It functions as a phrase library, allowing you to translate medical phrases to and from over 40 different languages. The translations are available in both text and audio formats. You can access the translator on your mobile device, tablet, or computer.

Who can use Care to Translate

Care to Translate can be used by individual healthcare professionals and patients, as well as healthcare organizations  such as clinics, hospitals, and regions. 

Individual healthcare professionals and patients can download the app from the App Store or Google Play. Use the free version or upgrade to the more comprehensive premium version.

Healthcare organizations can use the same app, but with extended features. For example the possibility of building several custom playlists to suit their protocol or workflow. The playlists are created and managed in an admin portal, where it is also possible to manage accounts, view statistics, and more. Book a demo to get started!

When can I use Care to Translate?

Care to Translate is a complement to interpreters, and is vailabte 24/7. It could be used in situations where there is no interpreter available, but there is still a communication need. For example:

- In parts of the patient journey when interpreters are typically not used, such as in reception.
- In emergencies, when there is no time to call for an interpreter, such as in ambulance services or emergency rooms.
- For standardized appointments such as radiology scans.
- For preventative care areas where interpreters might not be used, such as mammography screenings or immunizations.


Is any special hardware required to use Care to Translate?

No. You can use Care to Translate on your existing hardware (for example, mobile telephone, tablet, or computer). You can download the software as an app or use it directly from a browser.

Are there any technical requirements?

You can use Care to Translate on a mobile device, tablet and computer.

  • Browser: Supported browsers include Chrome, Edge, and Safari (we recommend Chrome)
  • Android: Version 5.0 or higher
  • iOS: No requirements

Is Care To Translate secure?

Yes. All data collected in Care to Translate’s database is anonymous and cannot be linked to specific people or users.

Can Care to Translate be integrated with other systems?

We can integrate Care to Translate according to most needs. Please contact us for more information.

Do you store patient data?

No, no patient data is stored. The data we store from the translator is completely anonymized. Read more about what data we store in our Term of Use.

Is Care to Translate CE certified?

Since Care to Translate is not considered a medical device, it is not CE certified. Please contact us if you have any further questions about certifications.

Do you comply with GDPR?

Of course. At Care to Translate we care about your privacy and only store data necessary for functionality and improvements. Read more about how we process personal data in our Data Protection Policy.

Do you store personal data?

Yes, but we value our users’ integrity and do not collect and process any personal data that is not necessary for enabling the App’s functionality or to improve the App. We think it is important that you feel secure using the app, and that it is important to safeguard your personal information and integrity. Read our Data protection policy and handling of Personal Data to learn how we store personal data.

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