Medical translations

Medical translations require high demands on accuracy. We offer translation of medical texts in all languages, verified by native speakers with medical expertise.

What are medical translations?

Medical translations are translations for various areas of healthcare, for example, for hospitals, clinics, healthcare services, or the pharmaceutical and pharmacy industry. It can be patient records, information brochures, or texts linked to software.

We offer high-quality translation and localization of medical and healthcare-related texts. By combining modern machine translation with healthcare-specialized translators, we can verify and assure high quality for each translation.

Examples of texts we can help you translate

Software, websites, app texts, instructional texts, patient information, family information, brochures, and more.

I recommend Care to Translate to all healthcare providers who need support with their translation work. There will be a big quality difference when a healthcare professional has translated and reviewed the material, and Care to Translate can guarantee that.
Moa Roos Svensson
Betaniastiftelsen (the Bethany Foundation)

Why Care to Translate?

Care to Translate are specialists in medical and healthcare-related texts, but we can also help translate other types of texts. When translating medical texts, we consider culture, context, and type of care. Our translations are verified by native speakers with medical expertise, which provides the extra quality check that a regular translation cannot provide.

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We prioritize high quality

Medical translations place high demands on accuracy. Misunderstandings caused by a patient’s interpretation can have devastating consequences. Therefore, we work with translators who are both native speakers (to ensure the translations are culturally correct) and have medical expertise (to ensure the translations are medically correct). They have an understanding of the medical terminology, but also how phrases are expressed so a layperson can understand.

To and from all languages

We work daily with medical translations in 45 languages. But our translation network is vast and no matter what language you need translations to we have the possibility to accommodate that.

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