Don’t let language be a barrier in your mission to help others

Discover how your nonprofit organization can tear down language barriers, for free. Sign up to use Care to Translate, a medical translation app, when communicating with patients.

What is Care to Translate?

Care to Translate is a medical translation app that lets you communicate in health care, no matter the language. The app contains a vast phrase library for multiple healthcare areas, such as radiology, emergency, vaccination, women's health, postoperative care, the ICU, and much more.

Use the app to let nonprofit aid workers and patients communicate about topics such as health, pain, abuse and confidential information, when speaking different languages.

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Available all over the world

Care to Translate is available no matter where you are in the world and the app can be used in 45 languages.

Do you work in areas where there is no Wi-Fi or bad network? Don’t worry, Care to Translate can be used completely offline.

Who can apply?

Nonprofit organizations active within the healthcare sector, and with continuous translation needs, can apply to access Care to Translate completely for free.

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“I think it’s probably the most advanced app for the medical field, I haven’t found a better one.”
Dr Thomas Herr, Team Lead of the medical team at Sea-Eye

Our goal: to solve language barriers in health care

Care to Translate was founded as a nonprofit organization. That’s why our heart beats a little extra for organizations who want to help others. 

Our goal of solving language barriers is aligned with the Global Goals to ensure good health and well-being and to reduce inequalities. And we want to help nonprofits fight language barriers, so that you can focus on your mission and help build a better world by 2030.

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