We believe in close and long-term collaboration with our users and customers. And often, they’re involved in developing content and features in Care to Translate. This is what some of our users and customers say about us.

Soodia AB

“Care to Translate has helped us examine patients who would otherwise have had to reschedule with an interpreter. Not only has this meant lowered costs for the regions through reduced need of interpreters, but it also helps increase efficiency of the use of machines and premises, which is our core concept.”

Christian Lind, CEO

Obstetrics and Gynecology at Visby Hospital

“Care to Translate is an easily accessible and fast tool when we need to understand each other, especially in emergency situations. But also when we need to ask questions and get answers over a longer period of time.”

Anna Hörsne-Malmborg, Department Head

Betaniastiftelsen (the Bethany Foundation)

“Care to Translate has been a crucial help with a large translation project! With the help of Care to Translate we’ve been able to quality assure translations and provide a next-of-kin booklet at a very difficult time in the individual’s native language. We are very proud of this project and happy we had the opportunity to work together with such a professional and serious service provider who puts the individual first.”

Moa Roos Svensson, Communicator & Project Leader

Our customers

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Unilabs Mammography Gothenburg

“We have chosen to use Care to Translate because it is simple, accessible, and a smart and modern way of communicating.”

Ulrika Persson, Department Head

Uddevalla Municipality

“We chose to start working with Care to Translate as part of our work as a model municipality. We see a great opportunity to work with technical solutions to provide the best care to our patients and users.”

Sara Clarholm, Department Head

Region Värmland, Skoghall Health Center

“The app is a great complement to an interpreter, especially in emergency situations..”

Angela Samuelsson

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"We learned about the Care to Translate tool after doing an extensive search worldwide for available and suitable solutions for the problems in communication which arise when patients and providers do not speak the same language. Using Care to Translate, we can obtain accurate translations in situations where translation errors through direct translation can have severe ramifications. This tool has the potential to promote more accurate, faster, safer, more efficient, and better services for our patients."

Marta Serwatko, Clinical Engineer

Region Västmanland

"There are several challenges in everyday life at the radiology department. One of these is to communicate with patients who do not speak Swedish or English. We have therefore chosen to use Care to Translate as an aid for our employees. This gives us better conditions to treat all patients in a more equal way."

Henrik Drott, Department Head

Meet our users

Being able to communicate with patients in such a simple and fast way is super important. It does so much for my job and for the patient, which I think is the most important thing! It’s a source of security for me as a nurse and for the patient who becomes aware of what is happening.

Being able to communicate in a simple and fast way is super important

Michaela, Nurse

At THIVA, we take care of patients from many different countries. Sometimes we use Care to Translate. The app contains a variety of languages and common phrases used in healthcare. It’s easy to use and highly appreciated by both healthcare professionals and patients.

The app is highly appreciated by both healthcare professionals and patients

Thiva Nurse

It’s an absolutely amazing app with so many great expressions and phrases that are useful in my work. It’s not always possible to have an interpreter present, or the interpreter isn’t so good with medical expressions. Then it’s great to have an app that can do the job just as well. I’m so impressed and grateful!

It’s not always possible to have an interpreter present

Caroline, Radiology Technologist

I’ve used the app myself several times, especially in the emergency room where you don’t always have time to wait for an interpreter to arrive or have the time to call them on the telephone. I also think it’s great that the patient can both read the translation and also listen to what is being said.

In the emergency room you don’t always have time to call an interpreter

Josefin, Nurse

Let’s talk about language barriers and fever. At my current job in a (Swedish) pediatric emergency room, the most common condition is fever. Body temperature is an objective measure and it’s always good to ask if the fever has come on suddenly. Some families don’t speak Swedish or English and in those moments the Care to Translate app makes my job so much easier.

The Care to Translate app makes my job so much easier

Oscar, M.D.

For emergency situations you’ll never be able to plan for. Anastomotic leakage and other complications that need to be addressed as soon as possible. The patient needs information quickly and you don’t have time to wait for an interpreter. Try the app!

For emergency situations you’ll never be able to plan for

Annika, Nurse

As an anesthesiologist nurse, I want my patients to feel safe. Language can sometimes be a problem, but with Care to Translate I can introduce myself and tell the patient who I am and what profession I have. With simple questions that the patient understands, I can create a feeling of security and confidence in the anesthetic.

With Care to Translate I can create a feeling of security and confidence

Robin, Anesthesiologist Nurse

This app will definitely help me during my internship. Especially in the radiology department, where many patients from varying backgrounds come in for short visits.

This app will definitely help me in the radiology department

Amanda, Radiology Technologist

In Swedish healthcare, you often meet patients whose native tongue isn’t Swedish. Especially in the emergency room where I work. With this app, you can easily communicate with patients and provide information. For example, carry out various examinations and treatments.

With this app, you can easily communicate with all your patients

Elaine, Nurse

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