Case studies

Learn  how our customers are tearing down language barriers with Care to Translate

Game-changer for communication in ambulances

Working in ambulance services, it is difficult to use the usual intepretation services available in health care. After introducing Care to Translate in the ambulances in Region Västmanland, they can easier understand patients medical history, make patients feel safe & talk to relatives.

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Molde improving quality of care in many healthcare situations

With the increase in refugees from Ukraine during the war, it became evident that there was a need for additional translation tools in Molde. With Care to Translate they now have a way to solve communication throughout the patient journey across many healthcare areas.

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How Helse Møre & Romsdal ERs save valuable time

At the emergency departments at Helse Møre & Romsdal, the staff has always experienced a language gap that couldn't be solved with interpreters or other technology. With Care to Translate, they can now communicate with all patients, resulting in both time and money savings and happier patients and employees.

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Soodia shorten the waiting time for radiology patients

Not knowing beforehand if a patient needed an interpreter, Soodia often had to send patients back home if they were no physical or telephone interpreters available during the appointment. With Care to Translate, Soodias staff now has the possibility to examine returning patients straight away, benefitting the patient, the staff, and the region.

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