Data protection policy and handling of Personal Data

These terms of use apply to everyone who uses our app, Care to Translate, our admin tool, the Portal, and who visits our website,

The following Data Protection Policy and Privacy Policy (the “Privacy Policy”) is valid for downloading and all use of the application Care to translate (the “App”), as well as visitors to our admin tool (the "Portal") and (the “Website”). The person downloading and/or using the App, or visiting these sites, is in the following referred to referred to as the “User”.

How we process and protect your personal data

We, Care to translate AB, think it is important that you as a User of our App feel secure in using the App, and it is important to us to safeguard your personal information and integrity. Here is a brief summary of how we Store, protect, process and use personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

By downloading the App you agree to our Privacy Policy and our use of your personal data.

What we save and why

Personal data is any kind of information that can be linked to a living person. We value our Users’ integrity and do not collect and process any personal data that is not necessary for enabling the App’s functionality or to improve the App.

This policy applies to all personal data collected when you:

  • Use the App
  • Visit our Website
  • Visit the Portal
  • Fill in your contact information digitally on the Website
  • Leave your contact information and other personal information when contacting us

Care to translate AB offers you the opportunity to order products or services, make inquiries or book personal meetings. When you fill in a free text in a form on the Website, we use that text as information to our employees prior to your meeting with us. When we handle your case, we also process your information in order to deliver the service you ordered.

Care to translate AB is responsible for always treating your personal data in accordance to current data protection regulations and in accordance to Care to translate AB’s internal guidelines and policies.

When you download and use the App, this is the information we gather:

  • information regarding version of the App,
  • date and time of when the App connects to our servers,
  • what cell tower you are in closest proximity to,
  • your language settings,
  • what content and what files that are used in the App,
  • what you click on when using the App, and when you do it, and,
  • information about the state of your device, model of the device used, and information about hardware, operating system and performance data of the App on your device.

The data listed above is used in order for the App to know if the User is logged in or not, what parts of the App content that is used and in order to que it for use, what parts of the App that are downloaded and not, for functionality retrieval on click, for reading position and similar metadata retrieval in order to make the App function for the User. All the data listed above is saved to a unique code for each User and is only handled as such unidentified anonymized code.

The App (“Care to Translate”) and the Website use something called “Facebook pixels”. This is a small piece of code that identifies users of the App and visitors of the homepage and matches the data they may gather to data about each user on Facebook. Facebook does not share any personal data to Care to translate AB or the App about the separate identities collected through the pixel, but gives Care to translate AB the possibility to learn on a group level what the Users’ general interests are, such as demographics, general interests etc.

Care to translate AB may use the occurred data in marketing purposes and may distribute the data to a third party – but only in anonymized data on a group level.

Purchases within the App are done through App Store or Google Play. Upon purchase, Care to translate AB receives a transaction identification number from App Store or Google Play, in order to, if needed, verify the status of the purchase order from a subscriber at App Store or Google Play. Care to translate have no possibility to connect or link this transaction id to the data collected from a single User, and does not.

Care to translate AB strives to be relevant for you as a User, and therefore we use the information gathered from our Users to analyse, develop and enhance the service and our App. We will prioritize new features, languages and phrases based on large scale patterns of the current Users’ daily usage.

Data that is collected automatically when you visit our Website and the Portal

We use so-called cookies to analyze the traffic on our Websites. Among other things, the number of visits, which pages were visited and traffic sources, in order to improve the user experience for the visitors. We also use cookies in our marketing to make our advertising as relevant as possible for our customers.

Read more about how we work with cookies here.

Data storage time of Personal Data

All User data that may be Personal data are only kept as long as there is an ongoing user relationship, and in accordance to consent given. We do not process or save personal data older than six months, but may use historic anonymized user data on group levels. To adhere to accounting regulations, we do save purchase history and any personal data connected to such purchase in the App for seven years.

How we protect personal data

When you Use the App you should feel safe in the knowledge that we treat any personal data in a safe and secure fashion. All data collected are Stored on a non-public server, accessible by authorised personnel only.

Information about data Stored and the right to be forgotten

At any time, you as a User have the right to get an extract on what data we have about you as User, and in what purpose this data is used. Such an extract is delivered in electronically readable format. If you do not agree with the way we use your data, you have the right to make objections and in applicable cases, withdraw your consent. You may at any time ask us to rectify any errors in the information concerning you as a User. You have also at any time the right to ask us to delete all personal data relating to you as a User, and we shall. Please contact us at to make any of the requests aforementioned.

Care to translate AB will after such written request via email erase all personal data Stored about you as a User, except the data exempted below. You will not be able to use the App after such deletion of your data. Data that will not be erased are:

Any personal data that must be Stored to maintain an obligation by law (for example in accordance to the accounting act).

  • Data pertinent to any open ingoing order.
  • Data pertinent to any unpaid debt due to Care to translate AB.
  • Data pertinent to any ongoing matter with customer service.

If you as a User feel that Care to translate AB is processing your personal data in a wrongful way, we urge you to contact us at customer support. You also have the right to make a complaint to applicable regulatory authorities.

Responsible for data protection

Care to translate AB is responsible for the processing of personal data and is responsible that all data processing is in accordance to regulations.

This Privacy Policy have been updated and published by Care to translate AB 17.04.2024.

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