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For private users

Use our digital medical translator  to facilitate communication between healthcare professionals and patients, regardless of which language they speak.

  • Medical translations in text and audio for 45 languages
  • Available 24/7 on your smart device
  • Playlists for quick access to your most-used phrases
  • Offline sound for situations when you don’t have access to Wi-Fi
  • Verified by native speakers with medical expertise

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For clinics

Use the digital medical translator to complement your regular interpreters, or when interpreters are unavailable.

  • Coordinated onboarding with training for all personnel
  • Manage accounts, view user statistics, and create playlists for your entire organization in the admin portal
  • Quick customer support to answer questions and assist with the implementation
care to translate for medical translations

Medical translations

Medical translations require high accuracy. We offer medical text translation in all languages, verified by native speakers with medical expertise.

care to translate for nonprofit organizations

For nonprofit organizations

We partner with nonprofit organizations within the healthcare sector in need of medical. Apply for a partnership to access our solutions for clinics, without any cost.