5 tips when traveling to a country where you don’t speak the language

Summer is coming up, and we're starting to travel again. Imagine that you are traveling to a country where neither your native language nor English are spoken. How should you prepare? Here are our tips!

1. Try to book everything online and in advance

A person holding a credit card while typing on a laptop

What could be worse than arriving at a hotel in the middle of the night and finding that the staff absolutely don't understand what you want. Booking online helps to minimize communication problems. Also, from online reviews you can understand if the staff speaks other languages and user photos will show you what to expect.

2. Stay connected

The wifi symbol on a smartphone

Find out in advance what to expect from the internet in the country you're going to. It's tough to remain without communication in any situation, and even more so in a critical one.

3. Save important info

A map with a notebook and a pencil

Write down the phone number of the local embassy of your country and the contacts of your insurance company on paper. It will also be good to find out where to call if you are in an emergency situation.

4. Learn the basic phrases

A sign at an airport

Learn at least a couple of essential travel phrases in the local language to please the locals. Signs at the airport, template phrases for taxi, hotel, shop and restaurant - this should be enough so that you don't have to explain yourself with body language alone.

5. Download necessary apps

The app Care to Translate on a smartphone and a passport

Most maps and guides work offline. And of course, don't forget to download the free app Care to Translate in order to communicate with the local medical staff in emergency situations.

Have a great trip, without as few language problems as possible!