5 tips for implementing digital tools in a region

In 2023 the Swedish county of Värmland procured Care to Translate to use in all health care throughout the region. What were the biggest learnings from the procurement and what should you consider when implementing a digital product in a big organization?

Micaela Fristedt works as a systems administrator and project manager in the Swedish county of Värmland. In a webinar she shared experiences from when they implemented Care to Translate throughout the region. From testing, to procurement and finally full implementation.

Watch the full webinar here.

These are her 5 best tips for when you're implementing digital tools in a larger region or a big organization.

  1. Digital implementation should not be underestimated
    “It has worked flawlessly. None of us had any physical meetings during this pilot study.”
  2. Test the tool across various departments
    "Fortunately, we had the opportunity to do just that." The request was extended to many departments in the region, but ultimately, the app was tested in dental care, radiology, and infection control.
  3. Utilize organization developers as superusers (internal experts)
    “They already possess the mindset required to successfully introduce something in their respective departments.”
  4. Distinguish between a pilot and full implementation
    "We believe it necessitates a different approach. Target groups need time, and more comprehensive planning is essential before full implementation. Continuous tool usage must be upheld in day-to-day operations. In such a vast organization with a high turnover rate, maintaining stability is crucial. During our pilot study, we experienced significant staff turnover, and given the organization's colossal size with thousands of employees, securing commitment is extremely important, both from management and users."
  5. Digital solutions matter
    “It's crucial to address language barriers. More than 10% of Sweden's population has a mother tongue other than Swedish, which amounts to over 1,000,000 people. This is where digital solutions play a pivotal role in promoting equality.”

Watch the full webinar here.

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