Extended partnership with Landspítali

After an extensive search for a reliable and accurate translation tool, Landspítali has found Care to Translate to be the ideal solution.

We are excited to announce the extension of our partnership with Landspítali - The National University Hospital in Iceland. Following a successful trial period conducted over the past year, Care to Translate will continue to support key departments, including Radiology, Oncology, and Postpartum and Gynecology, in overcoming language barriers and enhancing patient care.

Conducted worldwide search for a translation tool

The language barrier can significantly impact effective communication between patients and healthcare providers, potentially leading to misunderstandings and compromised care. Recognizing this challenge, Landspítali conducted an extensive search for a reliable and accurate translation tool and found Care to Translate to be the ideal solution.

"We learned about the Care to Translate tool after conducting an extensive worldwide search for available and suitable solutions to the communication problems that arise when patients and providers do not speak the same language," stated Marta Serwatko, Clinical Engineer at Landspítali.

Enhancing the quality of care

During the trial period, Care to Translate demonstrated exceptional performance in delivering effective translations, thereby minimizing the risks associated with communication errors.

"Using Care to Translate, we can obtain accurate translations in situations where direct translation errors could have severe ramifications. This tool has the potential to promote more accurate, faster, safer, more efficient, and better services for our patients." said Marta Serwatko

Landspítali will further explore the utilization of Care to Translate across additional departments, recognizing its potential to enhance communication and patient outcomes throughout the hospital.

We are delighted to continue our collaboration with Landspítali after a successful trial period. The partnership between Care to Translate and Landspítali aligns with the shared goal of leveraging technology to improve healthcare services and ensure the well-being of patients.

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