Care to Translate partners with Sea Punks to support refugees

New collaboration enhances communication and support for refugees in distress during their perilous journeys across the Mediterranean.

Care to Translate is happy to announce a new partnership with Sea Punks, a German non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing refugees in the Mediterranean Sea. By working together, we aim to enhance communication and support for those in distress during their journeys.

Sea Punks was founded in 2019 as a non-profit association by three brothers in Germany, now grown into a large group of almost 50 persons including craftspeople, therapists, media professionals, social workers, and lawyers. In 2022, a former survey vessel was repurposed into a rescue ship, now known as Sea Punk I. This ship is equipped with advanced life-saving and medical facilities and is operated by a diverse team of volunteers and professional seafarers from all over Europe.

Sea Punks see the death of refugees in the Mediterranean as a global problem that will persist as long as fleeing remains the only escape from wars, political conflicts, and lack of livelihoods. The organization’s goal is to perform civil sea rescues, providing essential resources such as medical care, food, water, and psychological support to those in distress. Their grassroots approach, driven by volunteers and supported by public donations, ensures their operations are both effective and compassionate.

“We are excited to support Sea Punks with our app. Effective communication is key in these life-saving missions, and we hope to make Sea Punks’ critical work even more impactful with our translation service,” says Maja Magnusson, CEO and co-founder of Care to Translate. 

The integration of Care to Translate’s instant translation services will be a game-changer for Sea Punks, enabling clearer communication between rescuers and refugees. This partnership ensures that language is not a barrier to providing timely and effective help, enhancing the overall efficiency of rescue operations.

Max Esefeld from Sea Punks expressed his enthusiasm about this partnership:

“I am looking forward to implementing Care to Translate during our next rescue operation. The offline functionality is invaluable when we're out at sea without internet access. Additionally, Care to Translate will bridge gaps when our local translators are unfamiliar with specific medical terms, ensuring we provide the best possible care and support to those in need."

About Sea Punks

Sea Punks' operations include not only rescue missions but also providing medical care, food, water, and other essentials to refugees in distress. They also engage in advocacy work, raising awareness about the plight of refugees and the need for humane treatment and policies.

For more information about Sea Punks, their mission and how you can support them, visit