Medical Volunteers International partners with Care to Translate

Medical Volunteers International partners with Care to Translate to enhance communication and care for vulnerable populations.

Medical Volunteers International (MVI), a non-profit organization committed to providing essential medical care to refugees and underserved populations, announces its partnership with Care to Translate, a leading digital translation app. This collaboration aims to overcome language barriers and facilitate effective communication in medical settings, particularly within MVI's Athens group.

Source: Medical Volunteers International

Sarah Schneider, Chairwoman of the Board at MVI, expressed her enthusiasm about the partnership: "At Medical Volunteers International, we recognize the critical importance of effective communication in providing quality healthcare to those in need."

"Our collaboration with Care to Translate signifies a significant step forward in our mission to bridge language gaps and deliver compassionate care to vulnerable populations."

MVI, founded in 2016, has been at the forefront of delivering humanitarian aid across Europe, particularly at the continent's external borders. With a focus on fairer healthcare access, MVI has served thousands of individuals annually, being able to help 10,000 patients annually since its inception. The organization's dedication to ensuring healthcare as a fundamental human right has led to this strategic partnership with Care to Translate.

MVI's Athens group, which treats approximately 400 patients per month, predominantly from Afghanistan, Syria, Palestine, and Congo, will integrate Care to Translate into its daily operations. Moritz, the project manager at MVI Athens, believes that this digital translation tool will complement the efforts of human translators on-site, ensuring seamless communication with patients from diverse linguistic backgrounds.

Commenting on the partnership, Maja Magnusson, CEO of Care to Translate, stated: "We are thrilled to support Medical Volunteers International in their noble efforts to provide essential medical services and promote inclusive healthcare access."

"By leveraging our digital translation platform, we aim to empower MVI's dedicated volunteers and enhance the overall patient experience."

In addition to its primary healthcare services, MVI Athens operates its own clinic, Meraki, located in central Athens, offering a safe space for patients. The organization also conducts street outreach activities, providing healthcare services to marginalized communities.

About Medical Volunteers International (MVI)

Medical Volunteers International (MVI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing essential medical care to refugees and underserved populations across Europe. Since its inception in 2016, MVI has been committed to promoting fairer healthcare access and has treated thousands of individuals annually.

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