Region Västmanland choose Care to Translate

Region Västmanland partners with Care to Translate for seamless communication, improving patient care and participation.

Region Västmanland manages healthcare services for around 280,000 residents of the region. Recently, they purchased Care to Translate for use in ambulance services. This step ensures effective communication with patients in all circumstances, regardless of language.

Ambulance services are vulnerable

According to our observations, ambulance services appear to be particularly vulnerable to language problems. Due to time constraints, it is generally impractical to use an interpreter. Usually, there isn't time to wait for an interpreter.

It is more common for the patient's relatives to interpret. The problem is that it does not safeguard the patient's privacy. It is also difficult to guarantee that the family shares all relevant information.

In general, sometimes machine translation is used as an alternative. Often, it becomes an emergency solution when paramedics have no other means of communication. But this is not a safe alternative. This is where Care to Translate bridges the language gap.

"Unlike other digital tools that only use machine translation, Care to Translate verifies all our translations medically, culturally, and contextually. We quality assure every translation so that our customers and users can feel completely confident when using our products," says Annie Backman, co-founder, and Chief Medical Officer at Care to Translate.

An improvement in patient participation and communication

"With the app, the patient can understand what we do and can take part in a different way than before. And we can communicate things we couldn't before," says paramedic Mikael Svenda.

We are happy and grateful that Region Västmanland ambulance services have chosen to cooperate with us. Let’s keep tearing down language barriers in ambulance services together!

If you want to know more about how Region Västmanland uses Care to Translate, read the case study here!