Fostering relationships in healthcare

Last week, our team attended Vitalis, a conference focused on eHealth and the future of healthcare. These are our main takeaways.

Last week, our team traveled to Gothenburg, excited to once again participate in Vitalis, a conference  focused on eHealth and the future of healthcare. Our first time attending was in 2019, and it proved to be a great opportunity for us to learn and promote our mission. This year, we are happy to be back in an environment that serves as a melting pot of professionals and experts, all driven by a shared mission to transform healthcare.

We firmly believe that effective communication and understanding lie at the heart of building strong relationships and fostering trust between healthcare officials and patients. We recognize that one of the leading challenges in healthcare is language barriers, which pose challenges to effective communication and trust. That is why we were enthusiastic about the opportunity to showcase our tool and promote our mission statement at Vitalis 2023.

Our experience at Vitalis 2023

Everyone can benefit from using our app, and therefore we constantly gather feedback and work daily on updates to provide even more valuable content and phrases. We also aim to promote and spread the use of our app in the health field. The experience was nothing short of uplifting, as the team members left the event with a sense of fulfillment and a continued dedication to the mission of improving the lives of patients and healthcare workers.

Raising awareness and sparking interest

At the conference, the team set out to raise awareness about language barriers and highlight the importance of Care to Translate. At the booth, they were approached by many different kinds of people. "Everything from people working at the strategic level for regions or hospitals to healthcare staff working in direct contact with patients; not everyone knew about our solution, approximately 50-50." - Maja Magnusson, co-founder and CEO

All individuals were aware of the hindrance of communication barriers and were enthusiastic to hear how we approach the problem. The diverse attendees ranged from municipalities to elderly care providers. The interest shown by these individuals and organizations served as a testament to the app's potential impact.

Networking opportunities and collaborations

Beyond creating awareness, Annie noted that the interactions with other conference attendees presented valuable networking opportunities. At the conference, she was able to approach other interesting booths and establish connections that could potentially lead to collaborations and opportunities. Maja also found every encounter at the booth interesting and fun, regardless of the level or type of interest. For those who can relate to the challenges of language barriers and believe that our solution can help solve these issues, she looks forward to continuing the dialogue on the booked video calls. The conference proved to be a great opportunity for spreading the mission and building relationships with like-minded individuals and organizations.

Continual improvement and future goals

With a firm dedication to constant improvement, Care to Translate remains focused on refining the app. The conference acted as a catalyst for Annie and the team, inspiring them to further enhance and optimize the translation service. "It was nice to watch native users click around in the app. A few phrases were noted as wanted, and we can now proceed with making improvements based on this feedback." - Annie Backman, Co-founder and CMedO

Armed with new knowledge and insights gained from the conference, we now plan to pursue promising leads for product demonstrations and translation services, aligning with Care to Translate's overarching mission.

The power of user feedback

During engaging conversations with conference participants, we discovered the immense value of observing users navigating the Care to Translate app. We were able to witness firsthand how individuals interacted with the app and gain valuable insights and feedback. 

Some people giving feedback have been testing or using the product in their healthcare organizations. They gave us a validation that it is a good tool to use since it’s really easy to get started and implement.

An eye-opening story

Annie's experience at the conference took an even more profound turn when she heard a story that underscored the vital role of breaking communication barriers. The narrative revolved around a potentially life-saving situation that could have been averted had there been effective communication. This poignant account further fueled Annie's commitment to driving positive change through Care to Translate.

Our experience at Vitalis 2023 has ignited a renewed sense of purpose within us. We are committed to making a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals facing language barriers in healthcare. With determination, collaboration, and a shared vision, we will continue to push forward, breaking down barriers and fostering effective communication for the betterment of healthcare for all.