The situation in Ukraine

Care to Translate stands for equality and human rights. Our product was born out of the will to help people, and as so many others, we are now devastated to witness the large crowds fleeing Ukraine.

We are a small company, but we want to do what we can to help. And we’ve gathered some advice on how you can help too.

the ukrainian flag in a care to translate speech bubble

1. Register to use the full version of our app for free

We want to help those who want to help others. Are you helping people affected by the current situation in Ukraine or are you yourself affected and in need of medical translations?

Sign up to use Care to Translate Clinic for free

2. Donate to trusted organizations in the region

3. Check the sources of the information you read and share

Social media is flooded with rumors, images and films. Make sure that what you share is from trusted and reliable sources and news outlets. Don’t share anything if you are not sure that it’s true.

4. Talk to the children around you

What kids see on social media or hear from friends can cause a lot of concern. Take the time to talk about the children’s concerns seriously, explain the situation, and provide hope.

5. Use the free version of our app

All patient phrases in our app are completely free to use. Download it if you are in need of medical translations, or recommend it to someone who might be.

And most of all: Take care of each other ❤️