We won our first tender in Norway!

It’s official! We’ve won our first tender in Norway. And we’re happy to announce that Care to Translate is now available to buy for all regions in Norway.

The tender was initiated by the Oslo University Hospital, but all regions in Norway can use this particular tender to procure the Care to Translate solution for their various healthcare organizations. 

Our solution fit perfectly in regards to the needs.

“The focus of the tender was to find a digital tool that helps overcome language barriers between healthcare staff and patients as a complementary solution to human interpreters.” Maja Magnusson, COO of Care to Translate explains. “When first getting in touch with the procurement group we could tell that they had been thinking about a product very similar to the one that we have already built and launched on the market, so it felt like our solution fit just perfectly in regards to their needs.”

Care to Translates co-founders: Annie Backman, Linus Kullänger, Alex Gyllensvärd and Maja Magnusson

And Care to Translate is actually already being used in Norway today.

Existing customers in Norway

“We had, prior to winning this procurement, started to receive requests from healthcare organizations in Norway and had actually already signed a partnership with Helse Møre og Romsdal.” Maja Magnusson says. “So Norway had already been on our radar. But of course our focus will be a lot bigger now given the tender. As well as our opportunity to actually help healthcare organizations in Norway implement our digital healthcare translator throughout the entire country.”

Besides Helse Møre og Romsdal Care to Translate is also used by many freemium users in Norway, both healthcare staff and patients. Since 2019 the app has been available to anyone to download worldwide. And as of today, Care to Translate has reached almost 600.000 users globally.

Highest possible score

When it comes to the content itself (implemented phrases and languages), functionality, usability and IT security, we are happy to say that our product scored the highest possible score in the tender.

We’re not taking shortcuts when it comes to safety.

“The product grades focused on usability, functionality and content feel like a clear proof that the product we’ve been working on for almost 7 years really is at a place where it can solve the problem it is set out to do. The fact that we got a high score in IT security is also an important indication that we’re doing this seriously. And we’re not taking shortcuts when it comes to safety.” Alex Gyllensvärd, CTO of Care to Translate says.

“I’m really proud of the fact that the tender found the app easy to use and navigate, which is something we’re focusing a lot on when developing new features or implementing design. Using new technology is always a challenge, and if we can make it as easy as possible to adapt and learn our tool, I see that as a big win for both us and the healthcare sector.”

So, how will Care to Translate evolve when it comes to entering the Norwegian market? 

A perfect fit for the Norwegian market

Overall our product fits the Norwegian market very well. The main focus on further development is related to adding additional languages to our product to cover the demographic needs in Norway. We’ve received specific demands through the tender and will be implementing additional languages to our product already this fall. But our current product holds a large phrase library in over 40 languages that can be implemented and effectively used in Norway by healthcare providers, as it is.

This will be a step towards increasing the accessibility of language services in general.

“To implement content and languages that are requested feels great, and it will improve our product even more.” Annie Backman, CMedO of Care to Translate says. “And the opportunity to reach all parts of the healthcare system in a whole country is very exciting. I think this will be a step towards increasing the accessibility of language services in general.”

Care to Translate in research project

Apart from the building new customer relationships, we’re also looking forward to a certain research project based in Oslo. 

“I’m really excited about the collaboration with the Oslo University Hospital and especially a research project that will be done this fall with heart surgery patients using Care to Translate to overcome language barriers.” Maja Magnusson says.

And of course, we’re looking forward to seeing what other collaborations we can establish in Norway. So far we’ve only had positive encounters and dialogs and we’re looking forward to continuing building on these great relationships.

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