Get more out of the app with playlists

Playlists has become one of the most loved features in the Care to Translate app. Let us show you what they are and how they can guide you to smoother communication.

What are playlists?

The playlists in our app are basically different phrases ordered in a playlist. Similar to a Spotify playlist with your favorite songs. But in this case, it has your most used phrases.

The app already comes with phrases categoried after healthcare areas,  for example ambulance, pain and neurology, trauma or healthcentre.

It is also possible to create playlists in the app that suits your clinics’ needs and processes. For example, our radiology customer Soodia has a playlist that lets them communicate around security procedures that are unique for them.

Why are playlists important?

  • Easier to communicate
    Playlists give the users easier access to phrases they use often, or used in a particular order, which makes easier to communicate with the app.
  • Easier to stick to a process
    In some clinics it has helped the staff remember to ask questions or stick to a certain procedure:

    “They [the playlists] are also a good reminder for us of questions we need to ask, for example when a patient has acute stomach pain.“
    / Marit Teigen Hauge, Molde kommune

Creating playlists in the app

Customers (with a personal or clinic subscriptions) can create their own playlists that tailor their needs, or patient flow. For example our customer Molde kommune has a specific tuberculosis playlist used when treating patients with active tuberculosis, and making sure they take the medicine as needed.

“They are excellent. It is amazing that we can communicate so well with people that are analphabetic too”.

This is how you create a playlist in the app:

Playlists created in the app are only available to the user that created them.

Share playlists in your organization (the Portal)

Our clinic customers (healthcare organizations), have access to an admin portal where they can create playlists that are shared with several clinics and users. For example our customer Helse Møre & Romsdal have created playlists that are used by ER departments in four different hospitals.

We help you tailor the playlists

Often, we help clinic customers to set up playlists that fit their needs. In a  similar way, if a clinic are missing phrases that they need,  we can add new phrases to the app.

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